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The Vinos

Been chatting with the lovely Grethe Borsum about music and photos for a while so it was very nice to be asked to do photos of The Vinos last week for their new website which launched today.

The Vinos are all well established young musicians hailing from Norway, South Africa, Lancashire and, er, Liverpool but with a fine pedigree of musical heritage behind them and a fine rock sound to go with it.

We met up in a local park for the shoot and did the group shots before a slightly more involved set up to do the head shots. Two of the band held up a yellow A1 piece of paper whilst the third member poured sugar free blackcurrant juice over the band person getting their portrait taken (representing the vino element in the band name). Oh and it was done in near darkness too. We didn’t get any funny looks at all.

Anyway, for more info on the band (and to see more pics and video) please head to here.