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Di Is Dead

We all remember key news items; where we were, who we were with and what happened and the death of Diana was certainly one of them. I was taken back to events in 1997 with the new play by Bob Farquhar (of The Art Of Falling Apart, Gods Official and many other great writings) and expertly performed by Francis Tucker set at the point just after Diana has been killed.

Set in September 97 the play revolves around a struggling writer who is a Brit Pop wanabee (complete with parka and Liam Gallagher attitude) who gets caught up in the emotions of what happens and how it impacts on his writing and life.

The production is on at The Playhouse until 27th April and is well worth a view and go back to the stories and sounds of the period and conjur up your own memories of that era.

For more information go here.

The Art Of Falling Apart

Many congratulations to all involved in the latest run of the Big Wow’s The Art Of Falling Apart which has had a sold out run at The Unity Theatre this month. The show is in the final week and has garnered excellent reviews (and quite rightly so too).

Great performances from Tim Lynskey and Matt Rutter (who can gurn for Great Britain) and a fantastic script and direction from Bob Farquhar, it’s an absolutely laugh out loud show (and may well be worth a try for a ticket – if you can get one claim it).

For more info go here.