Sunrise In Malta

Just got back from a nice little tour around the Mediterranean taking in Italy, South Of France and Montenegro. I know this country has basked in a heatwave whilst away but when we were in Rome it hit 42 Celcius. In a way it was good to come back to some rain today (hopefully that won’t last too long though).

Went through camera batteries like no tomorrow (I suspect the heat got to them) and ended up putting a load of pics up on my Instagram page but here’s my fave pic from the trip; a sunrise in Valletta.

OMMAC 17: High Octane

It was a mammoth 20 fight and not far off 6 hour show last night at The Olympia but the crowd were treated to blood (quite a lot of it), sweat and a prayer from one of the fighters as he entered the ring.

This was being filmed for showing on Loaded TV next Friday so the lights were nice and bright and plenty of interviews and analysis was taking place in front of the cameras which should all help to add to the event when it goes out.

Some great fights – well done to Lee Chadwick for winning the British Middleweight Title fight, Andrew Fisher for his British Featherweight Title win and also thoughts for Shay Walsh who had his jaw broken in his fight with Andrew.

To see more of the photos (and to also purchase non-watermarked prints and downloads) go here.

OMMAC 17 -5608

High Octane

Some work of mine has just appeared (and will also soon be shown) on TV including a sports documentary on an Irish MMA fighter, Cathal Pendred, for MTV UK last night and tonight brings the next in the OMMAC series which will be shown on Loaded TV.

Nice little afternoon session at The Olympia yesterday going through a portrait session with the guys as they did stills and then video interviews. The evening was then spent doing edits for the show and getting cutouts sorted out as part of the show profiles.

Here are some of the fighters portraits that didn’t make the final cut but good luck to all involved tonight and pics from the fights will be up tomorrow.

Martin Stapleton

Another new Bellator MMA signing whom I shot last week is Martin Stapleton. First time I’ve done portraits of Martin but photographed him many times at The Olympia fighting (including his mega win in the Cage Contender 8 man knockout competition just before Christmas).

Martin started his MMA career in 2007 and stopped in 2009 for work in the Royal Marines for three years before returning to the MMA stage last year.

Good luck to him in the US with the Bellator series.

Paul Sass

I’ve photographed Paul on several occassions and it was great to catch up with him on Saturday just prior to The Specials gig at The Olympia. Paul has just been signed for Californian based Bellator MMA (who are the biggest MMA tournament organisation in the world).

We had a retake mid week for a slightly different look and I’ll publish them soon with Martin Stapleton also in them from the Saturday night but this was worth a view on the blog.

The Specials

I grew up with The Specials back in the 70s/early 80s and it was great to see the guys again at The Olympia (Neville was sadly missing through illness). I first saw The Specials in 2009 as part of Liverpool Music Week and they did a legendary gig that night. I suspect the one tonight may well go down as being equally as good.

The venue was packed out with a sea of Fred Perry polo shirts, mod haircuts and pork pie hats so it was a great nostalgia trip. The band sounded in top form (though I was glad to avoid the mike stand being thrown into the pit by Terry Hall a couple of times during Do The Dog.

Just prior to the gig I did a couple of cage fighter portraits for a new series and they’ll be appearing soon too.

Cafe Chaos

I must admit I’d thought I’d put these up when I did a shoot for the Cafe Chaos production at The Unity theatre back in March. Clearly I hadn’t and the national tour has, er, recently finished. Did well here didn’t I?

Anyway, it was great to do the shoot for The Kosh (a London based company founded over twenty years ago). Cafe Chaos is a comedic confusion as waiters and diners collide, various relationships are formed and broken up as secrets are traded amongst the cast on stage.

The show is conceived and directed by Michael Merwitzer and Siân Williams and featured Sian along with Jamie Matthewman, Joanna Croll and Sam Parks moving through a variety of different characters.

Paul Coshott Training

Bit of a blog catch up to do and will start with some work I did for Paul Coshott in March and April for his Personal Training website. Paul runs classes on a Monday and Wednesday at St Mary’s Hall between Garston and Aigburth and great to see a load of youngster getting Paul’s training (hopefully some MMA stars of the future).

Paul has been doing Personal Training across the region for over 15 years and works with people of all ages and has done a load of charity work (including raising £6000 for Cerebral Palsy through a mountain bike ride in Brazil).

For more info on Paul and what he does please visit here.