ONAM 2013

It was so good to be involved on Saturday afternoon with the Art Valley (part of the Liverpool Everyman Playhouse outreach programmes) to document a wonderful Indian festival held in Aintree. Aintree has a high Indian population who have settled there through work at the local hospital.

Onam  is a Hindu festival celebrated by the people of India and is a secular festival, celebrated by people of all religions and castes and is considered to be a harvest festival.

The afternoon started with the children attempting to collect as many sweets as possible before events moved outside with a series of tug of war challeneges (which became increasingly hard fought).  We then returned inside for a twenty four course meal (very appreciated) and then onto an afternoon of dance, singing and the shadow puppetry created by the Everyman group.

I certainly moved a little slower around the cage fighting which followed that night after all of the lovely food that night but the memory of that afternoon will live long.

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