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Dan Croll

Twenty four hours before my holiday started was a two job, edit and upload session before heading off but it was a lovely day and set the start of my break off nicely.

First up was a session for Liverpool music magazine Bido Lito with singer/songwriter, Dan Croll. Dan was a super nice guy on the day and great company talking through about his move from his home town of Stoke to Liverpool and how it helped him develop as a musician. He is majorly busy with a new single, In/Out, coming out on 17th August and he’s also doing festivals and shows all over Europe and America over the next few months.

Anyway read about Dan in Bido Lito which is available now and go visit his website to see and hear him in action.

Sunrise In Malta

Just got back from a nice little tour around the Mediterranean taking in Italy, South Of France and Montenegro. I know this country has basked in a heatwave whilst away but when we were in Rome it hit 42 Celcius. In a way it was good to come back to some rain today (hopefully that won’t last too long though).

Went through camera batteries like no tomorrow (I suspect the heat got to them) and ended up putting a load of pics up on my Instagram page but here’s my fave pic from the trip; a sunrise in Valletta.